What are we good at?


Training in Business English
Training in Business Italian
Training in Business Chinese (Mandarin)
Training in Business French

English Language Training
French Language Training
Italian Language Training

What makes us different from others?


Firstly: Training your Staff – following your Industry’s “lingo” – in English, Italian, French and Chinese by embedding ourselves in your Company.

Firstly: Dispensing classic English, French, Italian grammar and syntax courses as well as street wise slang/day –to-day English, French, Italian that will get them off to a good start when they interface in off-hours  with Brits, Yankees, French and Italians.

Isn’t that different from Berlitz, Wall Steet, Linguaphone? I believe so, because both the above come first. 

We use languages as a tailored & customized tool for Managers, Staff and Consultants to use in their day to day work.

Mostly with Business backgrounds, our trainers being bilingual/trilingual and above all understanding the mentality of the country, speak business in selected languages.

They are familiar with multiple cultural settings which they have been embedded in/grew up with.

They are fully acquainted with using a specific language as means of communicating in business as well as getting to understand the business environment and the country/culture in which it is used.

Eugenio Pozzolini

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